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French mortgages for International buyers

Empruntis works with a specialist partner for International buyers to provide the best service to our clients. Athena Mortgages is a multilingual French mortgage broker for international buyers seeking French property finance and loans. Focusing exclusively on mortgages in France, Athena Mortgages have expert knowledge of the current French mortgage best buys for second homes, investment property finance, remortgage and equity release loans. Based in London, Paris and Dublin, Athena Mortgages have been sourcing mortgages in France for all clients living or coming from abroad.

With expertise in investment property finance, equity release and second home mortgages for borrowers from any country with any financial situation, Athena Mortgages can quickly assess you financial circumstances to let you know how much you can borrow in France and the likely rate of interest. Whilst many French banks struggle to deal with self-employed borrowers, these clients represent no problem to Athena mortgages, who have a long history of securing finance for business owners. Working with major French developers finding the best finance packages for resort developments and leaseback programmes, Athena Mortgages has built up a reputation with French banks for providing a large volume of well presented applications, leading to their status as key accounts for the major French lenders. This status as a key account means that special rates and products can be negotiated for you.

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